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Comprehensive Evaluation

Harmony Dental welcomes each new patient with a Comprehensive Evaluation. This exam allows Dr. Burkett and her team to become familiar with you, your health, your medical history, and current dental needs. The Comprehensive Evaluation may include:

  • In-Depth Review of Medical & Dental History

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of the Head and Neck

  • Charting of Intraoral & Extraoral Hard & Soft Tissues

  • Full Mouth Intraoral Radiographs (as dictated by case)

  • Cone Beam CT 3D Image (as dictated by case)

  • Comprehensive Periodontal Charting

  • Oral Cancer Screening

  • Charting of All Existing Restorations

  • Documentation of Status of All Existing Restorations

  • Creation of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan (dictated by case & patient request)

  • Recommendation of Necessary Supportive Care & Treatment

  • Oral DNA / HPV Saliva Test (as dictated by case)

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